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OSI’s vision is to lead the way in improving the productivity of agriculture and the nutritional value of food produced, through innovative operations in Cameroon. By 2025 we will be known as a leader in the agricultural industry by promoting and providing sustainable farming practices and innovations. We will be viewed as an employer of choice and recognized as a company that provides exceptional service.

Growing Maize & Pepper .... Opportunity to explore Africa Market


At Global level our mandate is transform arable land into World class agribusiness that will feed Cameroon. Our core businesses areas are: development of Maize, Sugarcane, Soybean and Pepper farm, commodity trading, export of agro products, commodity processing, seed production and farm mechanization in Cameroon.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive services to our clients and local farmer through custom solutions and precision application scientific knowledge, innovation and technology. The important mission is to generate employment through agriculture value chain.

Growing Sugarcane.... Production of sugar-Ethanol-Biofertilizer- Electricity

Cultivating Rice to reduce production deficit and limits rice import


OSI’s core values are client-oriented, honesty, quality and commitment. We are a customer-oriented company and believe in developing strong, positive and long-lasting relationships with all our partners. We are dedicated towards providing goods and services of very good quality with competitive prices to our entire client base and local community base. We are working with strong commitment to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers.

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