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About Us


Orient’s sugar & Industry S.A, Cameroon is  Anonymous regularly constituted with a Board of Directors, whose head office is located in Bertoua at a place called Mokolo Safari PO.BOX 435, East Cameroon registered with the Trade and Credit Register of Bertoua under number RC / BTA / CFCE / 2017 / M / 053. We are the leading agri-business and commodity trading company producing Maize, Cocoa, Rice, Soybean, Pepper, Stevia, Sugarcane etc. Besides, we are entering in business of production of Sugar-Biofuel-Biofertilizer-Cogeneration-Carbon dioxide-Yeast.


  • To carry on sustainable and organic farming
  • To promote renewable energy initiative
  • To enhance the mechanization of agricultural activities
  • To processing, storing, distribution and marketing of agricultural products
  • To carry on business on Sugar, Bio-fuels, Cogeneration and Bio-fertilizers production
  • To establish nurseries to produce and supply of seedlings in agriculture, horticulture and forestry sector.
  • To carry on business on fish farming, cattle farming, milk production and processing, poultry farming
  • To transfer of technology and state of art know-how in the agriculture
  • To do commodity trading including export and import of commodities


Agriculture industry specifically in Cameroon is not well developed as it supposed to be. However it is at the crossroad of a new revolution. The entire agriculture value chain is supposed to be modernized and the production is expected to be increased in the coming couple of years. Apart from Cameroonian domestic demand, this industry brings in huge import and export prospects.

OSI is exploring this opportunity in following agribusiness services.

  1. Sustainable farming
  2. Sugar-ethanol-cogeneration-biofertilizers
  3. Agro processing industry
  4. Commodity trading
  5. Technology transfer
  6. Cocoa Production & Processing
  7. Farm nurseries for seedling production
  8. Agriculture Research and Development

Cultivation Programme 2019 - Orient's Sugar & Industry SA, Cameroon Farming Chart - Area in hectare under different crop

  • Maize 70 ha
  • Sugarcane 10 ha
  • Pepper 5 ha
  • Soybean 5 ha
  • Cocoa 10 ha

Orient's Sugar & Industry SA, Cameroon Farming Chart - Area in hectare under different crop cultivation planning for next three year

  • Maize 2000 ha
  • Sugarcane 14000 ha
  • Pepper 50 ha
  • Soybean 1000 ha
  • Stevia 10 ha
  • Cocoa 2000 ha
  • Rice 1000 ha

Orient's Sugar & Industry ongoing Trade

  • Maize 500 tons/Month
  • Cocoa 325 tons/month
  • Pepper 500 tons/year

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