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Our objectives

  • To carry on sustainable and organic farming
  • To promote renewable energy initiative
  • To enhance the mechanization of agricultural activities
  • To processing, storing, distribution and marketing of agricultural products
  • To carry on business on Sugar, Bio-fuels, Cogeneration and Bio-fertilizers production
  • To establish nurseries to produce and supply of seedlings in agriculture, horticulture and
  • forestry sector.
  • To carry on business on fish farming, cattle farming, milk production and processing,
  • poultry farming
  • To transfer of technology and state of art know-how in the agriculture
  • To do commodity trading including export and import of commodities

Our vision

Agriculture and the nutritional value of food produced, through innovative operations in Cameroon. By 2025 we will be known as a leader in the agricultural industry by promoting and providing sustainable farming practices and innovations.

We will be viewed as an employer of choice and recognized as a company that provides exceptional service.

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