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The partnership contract for the establishment of the agro-industrial project specialized in the production of sugar, biofuel, cogeneration and biofertilizer on more than 10 000 ha was initialed between the commune of Dimako and Orient’s Sugar and Industry S.A. Cameroon by October 31 latest. Privileged witnesses of this public-private partnership, God Live Mboké Ntua, in his quality of Divisional officer of the department of Haut Nyong and all the traditional chiefs of Dimako.

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Cameroon: Soon a Sugar-Ethanol-Cogeneration production plant in Dimako

Mayor Onésine Ebongué Ebongué Dimako & Samuel Bebey Motto Essombè (OSI CEO)

Orient’s Sugar & Industry S.A. is partnering with international players in Sugar-Ethanol-Cogeneration-Biofertilizer production complex in Dimako. The proposed infrastructure project capacity is 5000 Tons per day sugarcane crushing capacity to produce 100,000 metric ton sugar, 50 KLPD ethanol, 30 MW electricity, biofertilizer, yeast and carbon-dioxide bottling. The project need 30000 ha land and OSI having all assistance for permission, license, incentives, studies and approvals from Cameroon Government. OSI is main sponsor in this project and all technical and financial partnerships are progressing in terms of develop this project in few months. We are expecting to start crushing sugarcane by January 2022. OSI already engaged in sugarcane plantation at Dimako sugarcane farm areas. This Greenfield project will generate 30 MW electricity out of which sugar factory will consume 14 MW to run factory and remaining 16 MW will be supplied to national grid to electrify nearby towns such as Abong Bang, Dimako, Bertoua, Doumaitang and surrounding rural villages. Beside this produced ethanol can be sold locally to pharmaceutical industry and can be exported in international markets. Out of total Sugar produced 30 percent sugar we aiming to supply in Cameroon market and 70 percent will be exported to international markets. The biofertilizer produced can be used to as organic fertilizer on OSI farms and also can be supplied to local farmers to improve their farm production. Other bi-products such as yeast and carbon di-oxide have local market in food and beverage industry. Our aim is to make Cameroon independent in sugar and electricity consumption in some extent. Also this Greenfield project will generate minimum 5000 direct and indirect jobs. The production of sugar and its bi-product will reduce imports in Cameroon and bring foreign currency in country’s economy.

NEWS – Orient’s sugar & Industry S.A held its Annual Assembly meeting in Douala on 16th February 2019.

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