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Orient’s sugar & Industry S.A., is growing quality Maize, Pepper, Sugarcane, Stevia and Soybean since last two year and supplying in Cameroon market. We have efficient, hardworking and enthusiastic team working on farms to achieve our goals. OSI have wide experience of cultivate above crop and so far the cultivation was managed over 500 ha. We are working with top Cameroon banks and receiving good assistance from them to develop venture.

This year we have planned to bring about 2000 ha area under crop cultivation. We have partnership with French specialists in off-season farming to assist OSI in develop the agriculture sector with innovative and efficient technologies. OSI is now leading company in Cameroon having goal of transfer technology, improve yield and create as many as possible jobs in agriculture sector



OSI is currently doing commodity trading of Maize, Soybean, Pepper, Cocoa and wood. We are working with farmer’s’ co-operative societies and few trading companies in Cameroon. In future our aim is export commodities worldwide.





Orient’s sugar & Industry S.A, Cameroon is partnering with international players in sugar-ethanol-cogeneration-biofertilizer to establish sugar complex in Dimako. The proposed infrastructure project capacity is 5000 Tons per day sugarcane crushing capacity to produce 100,000 metric ton sugar, 50 KLPD ethanol, 30 MW electricity, biofertilizer, yeast and carbon-dioxide bottling. The project need 30000 ha land and OSI having all assistance for permission, license, incentives, studies and approvals from Cameroon Government. OSI is main sponsor in this project and all technical and financial partnerships are progressing in terms of develop this project in few months. We are expecting to start crushing sugarcane by January 2022. OSI already engaged in sugarcane plantation at Dimako sugarcane farm areas.


This Greenfield project will generate 30 MW electricity out of which sugar factory will consume 14 MW to run factory and remaining 16 MW will be supplied to national grid to electrify nearby towns such as Abong Bang, Dimako, Bertoua, Doumaitang and surrounding rural villages. Beside this produced ethanol can be sold locally to pharmaceutical industry and can be exported in international markets. Out of total Sugar produced 30 percent sugar we aiming to supply in Cameroon market and 70 percent will be exported to international markets.

The bio-fertilizer produced can be used OSI farms and local farmers to improve their farm production. Other bi-products such as yeast and carbon di-oxide have local market in food and beverage industry. Our aim is to make Cameroon independent in sugar and electricity consumption in some extent. Also this Greenfield project will generate minimum 5000 direct and indirect jobs. The production of sugar and its bi-product will reduce imports in Cameroon and bring foreign currency in country’s economy.



Cameroon lack behind in advanced technologies in agriculture and processing sector. The country is blessed with massive land suitable for agriculture. The east region of Cameroon having savanna land lands are more fertile and having ample source of water for irrigation.

We have team of experts from foreign countries and aiming to transfer all technologies and innovative solutions to agriculture and processing sector such as farm mechanization, processing of agro commodities, technologies in growing crops, organic farming and training peoples in farm and factories locally for maximize production.







OSI engaged in agro processing initiatives. Conversion of agriculture produces to different transformed products through value addition is our target and making availability to citizens.

Our products are sugar, rice, maize byproduct, soybeans, pepper, stevia, Chocolate and pasta. This industry has huge scope to cover food security program of country. Establishing processing units is our priority in meet the countries supply requirement against the huge demand.


The emerging concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond charity and its legal obligations. We have well developed and established a comprehensive set of sustainable CSR policies and with the help of some of the most socially and environmentally conscious sector and communities of the society we work hand in hand towards One Goal and with Pride.

Our priority is to increase employment in agriculture value chain services. In coming year we will able to give minimum 10000 jobs. Our renewable energy project will electrify significant area and that will help for countries livelihood development. This will create direct and indirect employment opportunities to the citizens of Cameroon.